At Ackroyd House we understand that accessibility and quality go hand in hand.

We are a "Five Star Gold" rated Bed and Breakfast, and want ALL our guests to enjoy The Ackroyd House Experience.

On making your reservation at Ackroyd House please advise us of anything that we could provide or organise for you, to make your stay EXTRA Special!!!

We will do our best!!


Emergency escape procedures are in place for ALL our guests.

Guests are made aware of these on their arrival and can be found in The Ackroyd House Welcome Pack, provided in both our Suites.

Jayne has been awarded many certificates during her time spent working in the "Care Sector." During her courses Jayne has had considerable training regarding the Welcoming and Caring of all types of people, from the less mobile to the profoundly disabled.


At Ackroyd House all external and internal routes are free from obstacles.

The private Ackroyd House Parking Area has a firm tarmac surface, with designated parking bays for both our suites.

All guests are initially asked if they would like to park directly outside the Ackroyd House Entrance for ease of access.

Guests are always asked if they require assistance with their luggage.

There are no steps from the parking area to The Ackroyd House entrance.

The Stable Suite is on the same level as The Ackroyd House reception room, with no steps.

The Valley View Suite is situated on the first floor, with eleven steps. A sturdy hand rail is provided.

All internal and external lighting is evenly positioned, including Car Parking, routes to The Ackroyd House Entrance, Corridors and all Public Areas.

The Ackroyd House Access Statement can be found on our website, or can be posted on at your request.


The Ackroyd House Experience starts as soon as you make your final turn into The Ackroyd House Grounds......

After assistance with luggage to their Suite, guests are offered a hot drink of their choice and homemade cake of the day.

This can be enjoyed either in the comfort of your own Suite, or in The Ackroyd House Reception Room.

The Ackroyd House Registration form can be completed at your leisure, either sat in The Reception Room on your arrival, or at any time during your stay.

All guests are given a tour of their Suite on their arrival, with all the relevant facilities provided.

Where there is more than one guest in any Suite, an additional room key is offered.

ALL GUESTS at Ackroyd House are made aware of evacuation procedures. For guests that may require assistance in the event of an emergency, a 24/7 contact alarm is provided.

A Written record is kept of all Guests that are booked in at Ackroyd House.


The Stable Suite is on the ground floor, and accessible directly from The Ackroyd House Reception room.

The Valley View Suite is situated on the first floor, with a sturdy handrail provided.

All doors are easy to open and close, simple to operate and with no twisting.

There are no rugs or mats where guests could potentially trip.

All tables at Ackroyd House provide ample support for guests rising from their chairs.

As standard, both our Suites provide two leather armchairs for our guests. We also offer a selection of chairs with and without arms on request

Ackroyd House offers assistance to guests both on their arrival and at any time during their stay.

We have a 24/7 assistance button, where guests can contact a member of staff at all times.


At Ackroyd House all our Beds have a firm surface, and are over 450mm from the floor.

Both our Suites provide ample space to walk around, without our guests bumping into furniture. (Please see our website for details)

All windows are easily reached and simple to open and close.

Remote controls are available for all TV's at Ackroyd House.

Mirrors are positioned so that they are easy to use, either Standing or Seated.

A cordless Kettle is provided, at table level and close to an electrical socket.


The Floor surface in both our En-suites are non-slip, with a slip resistant mat provided.

Both Suites have a level entry shower, less than 190mm above the floor.

A support rail is provided in both Suites to aid our guests.

The Shower Temperature is controlled in both Suites.

A soap dish attachment for toiletries is provided for guests that can be easily reached while taking a shower. This can be set at different positions so that it can be easily reached by guests, either in a seated or in a standing position.

"User friendly" Grab Taps are standard in both our Suites at Ackroyd House. Lever attachments are available on request. (Please advise on making your reservation)

A clothes hook is provided behind the door in both our En suites.

A Toilet Seat "Height Raiser" is available on request, Please advise when making your reservation at Ackroyd House.

A quality portable grab support rail is provided, to assist with standing and sitting.

The toilet paper holder is within easy reach of the toilet.

High quality tissues are also provided, that can be taken with one hand.


At Ackroyd House our potential guests can make a reservation either through our website:-

Or by post:-

Ackroyd House

Top O' Th' Bank




All our guests are personally greeted on their arrival at Ackroyd House.

A pen and pad is available in The Ackroyd House Reception Room to assist communication with our guests where required.

Through Jayne's qualifications, ALL Staff at Ackroyd House are very aware of the importance of "Face to Face"

Communication is carried out, as a matter of Best Practice, to aid lip reading from our guests.

All Staff are aware of the distraction from background music/ ambient noise when dealing with guests with hearing loss.

At Ackroyd House all lighting is even, diffuse and non-glaring to aid lip readers.

All relevant information on available facilities and their location are available in a written format.

At Ackroyd House a familiarisation tour of The Reception Room, Dining Room and our guest's Suite is offered as Best Practise.

A personal tour of The Ackroyd House Grounds is also offered on our guest's arrival.

Facilities are always available for service dogs, for example water provision and information on walking areas.

All guests are asked if there is anything else that Ackroyd House can do to make their stay even more enjoyable, including helping with walking, feeding etc.

When there is more than one guest in a Suite, additional keys are available for The Suite and The Ackroyd House Entrance.

All guests are made aware of The Fire Assembly Point.


Both Suites at Ackroyd House have Smoke Alarms as standard.

Details of general access to The Ackroyd House Suites are always discussed on our Guests arrival.

As best practice, all our Guests are offered a "Daily Room Service" that includes towels and sheet changing on request, vacuuming, shower cleaning etc.

All room services are carried out at the upmost convenience to our guests.

All Televisions at Ackroyd House are fitted with a sub-titles function.

Both our Suites at Ackroyd House have uniform, even lighting. Increased lighting is available as standard, however if guests require further additions, please ask, and we will provide!!!!


Emergency Evacuation Procedures are in place; please see our general evacuation policy.

During The Ackroyd House Welcome guests are encouraged to discuss the best method of alerting them in the case of an emergency



All information on facilities and their location is available in large print, both on our website access statement and in The Ackroyd House Welcome Pack.

ALL Guests have a familiarisation tour of Ackroyd House and their chosen Suite on their arrival. This includes the highlighting of any potential hazards, e.g. Steps, shower entry levels etc.

A written record is made of all our guest's details, room location and any special requirements.

Facilities are available at Ackroyd House for service dogs, e.g. water provision, walking areas etc. Please ask if there is anything else that we can do to make your stay as memorable as possible!!

All evacuation policies are thoroughly explained to our guests on their arrival, taking into account their disabilities.

At Ackroyd House both our Suites have thermostically controlled heating. This can be set either by ourselves,

on the instructions of our guests, or by the guests themselves.

By using our 24/7 contact button, guests are encouraged to contact us if they require a change to their Suite Temperature.


Externally, there are no steps or ramps from The Ackroyd House parking area to the entrance. Guests have their own designated parking bays, but are very welcome to park directly outside The Ackroyd House entrance on their arrival.

The Stable Suite is a ground floor suite, accessed directly from The Ackroyd House Reception Room.

The Valley View Suite is situated on the first floor. There is a banister hand rail on the left of the stairs, with an outside wall on the right. The handrail is very sturdy and easy to grip.


There are no external or internal Ramps at Ackroyd House.


There are no external Steps at Ackroyd House.

There is one flight of stairs from The Ackroyd House Reception Room/Dining Room to The Valley View Suite

During their familiarisation tour all guests are made aware of where the stairs are located. As best practise, all unattended guests are offered aid if they require it.

We pride ourselves on making The Ackroyd House Experience as enjoyable as possible for ALL our guests and are available 24/7. Guests are always encouraged to use the Staff contact button whenever they require assistance.

All the Stairs have closed in risers and the lighting balanced and effective.


A setting down point for all passengers is available directly outside The Ackroyd House Entrance. The few steps required from our guests are on a sound, even and slip resistant surface.

The Ackroyd House Entrance is well illuminated at all times.

On welcoming our guests, all staff are trained to ensure that all doors are fully open or fully closed.

The doormat at the entrance is firmly fixed, to avoid slipping.

All doors are easy to open, with assistance always available on request. (Please see previous)

All Door Handles are of contrasting colour to the door, with lever action handles.

All doors and their surrounds contrast in colour and tone to the walls.


All interior decors are a quality Matt finish, to avoid reflections of both natural and artificial light.

There are no complicated patterns in The Ackroyd House interior.

All interior decors incorporate contrast between critical surfaces, e.g. skirting boards, flooring and doors.

Clear unobstructed routes are found throughout Ackroyd House.

Additionally, we always ask guests if there is anything that we could remove from their internal environment to make their stay at Ackroyd House more enjoyable.

During The Ackroyd House "Arrival Tour" Guests are advised of the most comfortable place to register, taking into account glare, shadows etc.

Guests are also shown the positioning of Hot and Cold Taps, which is consistent throughout Ackroyd House.

Guests are shown a selection of seating areas in The Ackroyd House Breakfast Room, away from glare or shadows to provide the best environment possible.

The Ackroyd House Breakfast Menu is available in Large Print, either in its entirety or in a condensed version.

Guests are also asked if they would require a Verbal recitement of The Menu.

A lot of care is taken to ensure that Tableware/Glassware contrasts with the tablecloth to assist independent use.

Again, we must emphasize that ALL guests at Ackroyd House are encouraged to let us know if there is ANYTHING that we can do to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

All staff are trained to ensure that all doors are either fully closed or fully open.


All guests at Ackroyd House are personally greeted on their Arrival.

Both The Valley View Suite and The Stable Suite have large individually marked parking bays, approximately 30 metres from The Ackroyd House Entrance. These are for the specific use of our guests and are available throughout their stay.

On their arrival guests are asked if they would initially like to park directly outside The Ackroyd House Entrance.

Guests are always offered assistance with their luggage, before their extensive tour of The Ackroyd House facilities.

The Ackroyd House Parking Area is a firm, tarmac area, free from obstacles and level with The Ackroyd House Entrance.

There are no steps from The Ackroyd House car park to the entrance.

There are no level changes from your entry to The Ackroyd House Grounds to The Ackroyd House guest's entrance.

Ackroyd House is free of ramps and speed bumps.

With Ackroyd House set in just under two acres of walled and lawned gardens, there are the inevitable steps and pathways for our guests to explore.

However, Ackroyd House prides itself on its attention to detail and all guests are offered an accompanied guided tour of the grounds.


All areas at Ackroyd House are as unobstructed as is practically possible.

Any items that may cause injury are removed. During their initial tour of Ackroyd House all guests are asked if there is anything that we could relocate/remove to make their stay more enjoyable.

All floor finishes have a firm level surface, with no polished floors or unsecured doormats.


There are no Lifts at Ackroyd House.


All doors in The Ackroyd House Suites can be fully opened, with the clear opening not less than 670mm

There is an unobstructed route to all furniture and fittings of at least 800mm.

All electrical sockets are fitted at a height of approximately 150 mm from the floor.

However, during their initial tour of The Ackroyd House facilities guests are asked if they would like a portable electrical socket placed in their Suite, at a level that is individually preferred.

On their arrival at Ackroyd House guests are asked if they would like one or more chairs in their Suites with rigid arms.

On their comprehensive guided tour of Ackroyd House guests are given a full verbal information guide to all the services and facilities available at Ackroyd House. Instructions for the use of all equipment are included in this arrival tour.

As an alternative, this information is also available in a large print format.

All carpeting at Ackroyd House is firmly fixed to avoid slipping.

There are no rugs or polished floors at Ackroyd House.

All lighting is uniform and even, with increased lighting available on bedside tables.

The Valley View Suite is a double room only.

The Stable Suite can be set up as either a twin, or a double.

There are no high gloss finishes or complicated patterns in the interior decor.


Both The Stable Suite and The Valley View Suite have en suite facilities.

Both the en suites are entered on a direct route, with no steps or ramps.

The door handles are easy to operate, with a large lever appliance.

All accessories in The en suites are carefully positioned so as not to cause a hazard.

Personal bathrobes are provided at Ackroyd House for all our guests' .A coat hook is provided that contrasts with the immediate decor.

During their arrival tour of The Ackroyd House Facilities guests are made aware of the positioning of hot and cold running water. Hot water is NOT instant at Ackroyd House, but gradually increases in temperature with time.

Shower controls have clear visible signs, which are also comprehensively explained during The Ackroyd House arrival tour.

A mobile 24/7 contact alarm is always available at Ackroyd House.

The Shower water temperature is thermostatically controlled